Leadership Skills In Meetings: Three Strategies to Maximize Effectiveness

Leadership skills in meetings are critical.

And silence won’t get you ahead at work.

In many organizations, leadership readiness is measured by willingness to speak up in meetings.

But knowing when to speak and when not speak is critical.

Here are three strategies for speaking up effectively:

1. Preparation: preparing comments or questions before the meeting so you’re not speaking entirely off the cuff.

2. What do you care about: ask yourself why you care about what you do, about your organization, or about your role. Answering this question helps you connect with a sense of purpose and builds your confidence.

3. Build confidence: Speaking up in a meeting takes courage. Build your ability to affect the trajectory of the conversation.

Remember, leadership is not about having all the answers but about asking the right questions.

Bonus resources
Amy Cuddy’s Power Poses Ted Talk
HBR article: How to Speak Up in a Meeting, and When to Hold Back (https://buff.ly/wLDBJ9)

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