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About Us

spearhead (verb)

spearheaded; spearheading; spearheads (transitive verb)

Meaning: to serve as leader or leading element of

Our name contains the key ingredient for success: Leadership.

We serve our clients to help you establish leadership in your market.

We help you to create valuable products and services.

We help you to create a superior Go To Market and Customer Experience.

We help you to build high performance teams that love working with each other to win.

Leadership Team

Hari Harikrishnan
Hari Harikrishnan
Advisory Partner

AI-powered Digital Transformation
Digital Healthcare
Internet of Things

Jamie Does
Jamie Does
Advisory Partner

Digital Transformation Visualization
Strategic Communication
Visual Strategy Mapping

Mahesh Thakur
Mahesh Thakur
Advisory Partner

Product-led Growth
Product and Innovation Strategy
Digital Architecture and OpenAI

Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar
Advisory Partner

CX Strategy
Services Portfolio Transformation
CX Monetization

Sriram Sundararajan
Sriram Sundararajan
Advisory Partner

Product Strategy and GTM
Venture Capital

Abhijeet Khadilkar
Abhijeet Khadilkar
Managing Partner

Digital Transformation Strategy
Customer Experience
Org Transformation

How we work with you

A consulting experience like no other. Use our unique approach to your business advantage.

Superior experience
Right from the first interaction, our associates create value for you. You will know that this is the best consulting team you have hired. Ever. You will want to do business with us again and again.
High Signal to Noise ratio
Unlike 120-page slide deck that will never be seen, or a digital app that is not used; we start with a clear and condensed view.
Seek the answer. Build. Improve. Create a high signal to noise ratio. Frankly, it is quite unlike any other consulting experience that you have had.
100% Remote.
Our associates are 100% remote. Yes, we do show up for workshops and socials. The flexibility of this structure helps our associates to lead a better quality of life and it helps you to keep costs down. Talk about a win win.
Real-world Expertise
You work alongside people with real world experience of running digital businesses. Leverage the depth of our tech industry expertise and network.
Async work
Time is everyone's most valuable asset. We believe that working asynchronously with modern digital tools creates better workflows, better work, and better outcomes. We meet when we should, and avoid unnecessary meetings.
Our digital presence and geographical locations means we are super responsive to you. Want to take advantage of a brand-new opportunity? Need to pivot fast? Change in plans? Expect us to partner with you as we sprint together to success.
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