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Announcement: AI Digital Index Launch

Introducing AI Digital Index – Your go-to guide for unlocking the full potential of AI technologies in your organization!

AI Business Use Cases

As you know, AI is the next big transformation that will create a new set of winners and losers.

We would all like to leverage ChatGPT and other AI solutions for our organization. But there are so many challenges, like…

– Identify the right AI use cases for specific business functions like Marketing, Sales, Product, or IT.

– Understand the business and organizational impacts of choosing a particular AI technology.

– Identify the datasets and digital platforms that will need to be integrated.

Introducing AI Digital Index: a tool for leaders to explore AI use cases

AI Digital Index is here to help!

Our free tool offers:

+ Comprehensive database of B2B AI use cases (500+ AI use cases)

+ Visibility across functions (12+ functions)

+ Coverage for AI technologies and Digital Platforms (1000+ technologies)

No more uncertainty. No more missed opportunities.

AI Digital Index: use cases for every business function and stakeholder organizations

At launch time, there are 500+ use cases in AI Digital Index across functions. This number will keep evolving as we discover more use cases with our clients and industry research.

  1. AI use cases in Marketing: 39 Marketing AI use cases
  2. AI use cases in Sales: 49 Sales AI use cases
  3. AI use cases in Product and R&D: 63 Product AI use cases
  4. AI use cases in Quote to Cash: 45 Quote to Cash AI use cases
  5. AI use cases in Services: 45 Services AI use cases
  6. AI use cases in Supply Chain: 42 Supply Chain AI use cases
  7. AI use cases in IT: 57 IT AI use cases
  8. AI use cases in Finance & Accounting: 46 Finance AI use cases
  9. AI use cases in HR: 41 HR AI use cases
  10. AI use cases in Corporate Strategy, Innovation & Planning: 36 Corporate Strategy AI use cases
  11. AI use cases in Enterprise Data Management: 31 Enterprise Data Management AI use cases
  12. AI use cases in Legal: 18 Legal AI use cases

Drive AI Transformation with Digital AI Index

AI Digital Index empowers leaders to stay ahead of the AI curve and drive growth, efficiency, and innovation.

Thank you to the entire Spearhead team, our clients, and our global researchers without whom this would have remained as just another idea in an Apple Notes folder.

The current version of AI Digital Index tool is only a starting point and a work-in-progress, we welcome you to signup today and contribute with your feedback.

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