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Apple iPhone 14 series Will Be Hard To Find!

The Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou, China, produces the most technologically advanced versions of the iPhone 14. 

The shortages are the result of the most recent COVID epidemic in China, which forced the closing of factories and sparked strikes at a Foxconn plant where iPhones are made. China has the harshest standards in the world when it comes to COVID and due to its firm zero COVID policy, which mandates the lockdown of entire cities when even a few cases of the virus are discovered among the public.

Apple was compelled to notify in this situation due to the circumstances. The facilities are currently only being used to a small portion of their capability. The brand’s two newest designs (iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max) will therefore see a significant decrease in production.

Apple shares dropped by roughly 2% as rising unrest stoked concerns that it might further hamper the already limited manufacturing of more expensive iPhone 14 models. 

According to J.P. Morgan analysts, customers in the US have to wait roughly 33 days for the delivery of their iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.

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