Apple Reality Pro Headset: Apple’s new AR/VR Headset might be announced at WWDC in June

Apple Reality Pro Headset is no longer just a twinkle in Tim Cook’s eye. It might be announced in the next Apple event.

The Apple WWDC event in June 2023 will be one for the ages.

Apple will host the annual event in Steve Jobs theatre which will mark it’s first step towards a post-iPhone era.

It is rumored that Apple will unveil Reality Pro, it’s long-anticipated mixed-reality headset.

The roughly $3,000 device will have the capability to switch between AR and VR.

Here’s how it will work:

  • The headset will have several external cameras that can analyze a user’s hands, as well as sensors within the gadget’s housing to read eyes.
  • It will allow the wearer to control the device by looking at an on-screen item — whether it’s a button, app icon or list entry — to select it.
  • Users will then pinch their thumb and index finger together to activate the task — without the need to hold anything.

The approach differs from other headsets, like Meta’s Oculus, which typically rely on a hand controller.

The headset also will be able to show immersive video content, serve as an external display for a connected Mac, and replicate many functions of iPhones and iPads.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s potential entry into the headset device market?

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