Apple Services: A gigantic business

If it’s hard to imagine how big Apple Service is, you are not alone. But there is a potential issue down the road.

While Apple’s hardware products like iPhones and Macs get all the attention, its services business is quietly becoming a major revenue driver.

Apple Services is a suite of products and services that includes:

– The App Store, which generates billions of dollars in revenue for developers and Apple
– Apple Music, which has over 85 million subscribers and continues to grow
– Apple TV+, which has become a major player in the streaming video marketiCloud, which provides cloud storage and backup services to millions of users
– Apple Pay, which has become a popular mobile payments platform

So what’s the issue? EU and US regulators are eyeing the 30% share that Apple charges to its developers that create apps on it’s App Store.

If there’s regulatory action, it will create massive impacts for Apple’s services revenue.

What are your thoughts on Apple Services and its potential for growth in the coming years?

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