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Old myth: The internet is a fad. New myth: Generative AI is a fad.
Klarna's ROI on AI: it is doing the work of 700 full time agents and resolving issues in under 2 minutes compared to legacy 11 minutes resolution time.
Here is the cagematch to watch: efficiency of EVs (Electric Vehicles) vs Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICE).
We are now officially in Google's "Gemini Era" where the strategy is for AI to not just be an auxiliary tool but a central pillar of Google's digital experience.
50% to 70% of 'work' is dealing with office politics.
Apple Vision Pro's device teardown reveals cutting edge design, and some tradeoffs that are expected from a first generation device.
Large Action Model (LAM) for AI is here, in a bright red handheld device.

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