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"I've been obsessed with killing the bird logo since the day I first walked into Twitter's San Francisco headquarters".
A platform strategy can disrupt existing industries with software, AI and automation.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing AI Digital Index - Your go-to guide for unlocking the full potential of AI technologies in your organization!
Though Microsoft and Google have been at the forefront of the fast growing Generative AI technology, we hadn't heard much from Amazon.
Why 'Audio' Became The Game Changer In the Adoption of India's Digital Payment Tech Stack
Paul Krugman predicts ChatGPT won't transform the economy in the next decade.
The world's first 100% robot McDonald's is here.McDs has revealed a zero seating and 100% digital restaurant in Fort Worth Texas.
Tech Industry's New Obsession: Generative AI Beats Out MetaverseDiscover the story behind the shift in VC funding and why Generative AI is becoming the new darling of the tech industry.
Every time there is a technological evolution, new type of jobs are created that would not have existed before

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