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Elevating Tech Giants: GPT-4o’s Revolutionary AI Advancements

GPT 4o is not just a product update, it has deep strategy implications for Apple, Google, Microsoft; and anyone who is applying AI in the enterprise.

First, what is special about GPT 4o?
+ It is multimodal: you can interact using text, audio, and video.
+ It is faster.
+ It is free. Of course, paid users get 5x more capacity.
+ API access is at 50% of current pricing (!).
+ It has a new desktop app; Mac OS for now but will be rolled out to others.
+ It is available now.

The bad: GPT-4o is just bad branding. This is what happens when product marketing doesn’t have a seat at the table.

The ‘So What?’
These capabilities turn ChatGPT into dynamic assistant that is always available on your phone and computer. It mimics human interaction with an emotive quality that is beyond traditional robotic interactions.

How does it impact strategies for the AI ecosystem and professionals?

Apple: the world is expecting Apple to announce ‘something about AI’ during its WWDC event next month. It is entirely possible that Apple might be integrating GPT-4o *natively* in the iPhone so that tasks, shortcuts and other use actions can now be AI-driven.

Google: OpenAI announcement hits the zeitgeist just before Google I/O kicks off today; increasing pressure on Pichai and Co. Quite frankly, this is the demo that Gemini should have made a couple of months back when they announced multi-model capabilities of their own. It backfired because of an edited video.

Microsoft: This announcement put Microsoft firmly in the drivers seat for customer’s AI budgets as the API access to GPT-4o means more enterprise consumption.

Professionals: For all of us professionals that are implementing AI in organizations, GPT-4o opens up new use cases that were not possible before.
+ Real time AI assistants for all online meetings on desktop and phone
+ An intelligent co-creator who’s watching our workflows and provides inputs
+ Customer service assistants
+ Video assistants in manufacturing, healthcare and other industries
The list goes on..

Whether you’re a developer, a business leader, a tech enthusiast, or a curious mind, GPT-4o is here to change how we interact with the world around us.

What your thoughts on new GPT-4o capabilities in your projects and daily life?

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