Generative AI Metaverse

Generative AI Funding Surges Ahead of Metaverse Funding

Tech Industry’s New Obsession, Generative AI is beating Metaverse in VC Funding as of Q1 2023.

Generative AI Metaverse

In 2022, Metaverse was seen as the future of tech, with its potential to create new digital worlds and immersive experiences.

Many investors poured money into startups focused on virtual reality and augmented reality, hoping to cash in on the trend.

However, in 2023, the trend has reversed, with Generative AI getting a lot more funding due to a number of factors, including:

1) The slower-than-expected adoption of Metaverse technology by consumers and businesses.

2) The greater potential for Generative AI to disrupt multiple industries…i.e. AI is eating the world.

3) The increasing sophistication of Generative AI algorithms, tools, and APIs, making them more accessible to developers and businesses.

I wouldn’t count out Metaverse. It is likely going through a hype cycle curve and will re-emerge with better form factor and richer use cases.

What are your thoughts on Generative AI or Metaverse?

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