How Brian Chesky & Team Transformed Customer Experience at Airbnb

Airbnb sucked: for the last few years, users have complained on Twitter and other social media about Airbnb’s customer experience, high fees, wait times, and checkout policies.

Here is how Brian Chesky and team drove CX Transformation by analyzing the existing customer experience, creating a deeper understanding of customer interactions, and building next gen product features.

1. They created a blueprint of the entire experience: including 150 screens in our app and website, 70 user policies, and every interaction with customer service.

2. They analyzed millions of customer service calls, thousands of social media posts, and spoke to guests and hosts all over the world.

3. They mapped all this feedback against the blueprint of their core service, prioritized the most common and severe issues, and worked down the list.

A few days back, they did a major release with 50+ prioritized items:

1. Total price display
2. New mini-pins on maps
3. Redesigned wishlists
4. Improved monthly search
5. Transparent checkout instructions
6. Pay over time
7. Faster maps
8. Persistent pins on maps
9. Smarter search autocomplete
10. Wishlist one-tap save
11. Wishlist calendar
12. Wishlist notes
13. Lower fees for monthly stays
14. Pay by bank
15. Monthly payments display
16. Checkout reminders
17. Checkout feedback in reviews
18. Instant rebooking credit
19. Fast customer service while on trip
20. Distance from points of interest
21. Highlighting infant-friendly homes
22. Highlighting kid-friendly homes
23. Highlighting homes for monthly stays
24. Identity verification of Hosts
25. Improved identity verification process
26. Appeals for blocked bookings
27. Dynamic price filter
28. Airbnb Rooms bathrooms filter
29. Hosts see total price
30. Swipe-to-select dates
31. Built-in checkout instructions
32. Inbox read receipts
33. Co-Host tab
34. Early Access
35. Price breakdown
36. Compare similar listings
37. Pricing and availability settings
38. Weekly and monthly discounts
39. Yearly calendar view on mobile
40. Custom checkout details
41. Automatic checkout info
42. One-tap checkout notifications
43. Quick replies for checkout
44. Review highlights for Rooms Hosts
45. Fun facts in Host profile
46. Host travel history
47. Host interests
48. More detailed guest profiles
49. Simpler Co-Host invitations
50. New Co-Host permissions
51. New Co-Host payouts
52. Identity verification of guests
53. Worldwide reservation screening

h/t to Brian Chesky and team for being transparent about their experience and building the next generation customer experience.

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