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The key to Amazon’s success is not algorithms. It is the clarity of their business language.

Interesting take: one of the main reasons for Amazon’s success is not algorithms. But it is the clarity of their business language.

As an exercise to understand this, Carmine Gallo analyzed all the words in Bezos’ letters to shareholders. All 48,062 of them.

He measured their readability using the Flesch-Kincaid scale, created in the 1940s, to show that many of the letters were written at a level an 11th-grader would understand.

In fact, Bezos condensed his writing down to even shorter sentences. 16 words, instead of 18.8 – a readability score fit for an eighth-grader.

The idea is that by condensing business writing, we can get to much higher clarity of message. We can separate signal from the noise. This helps teams to become super clear to develop strategies and execute.

How would you rate business clarity as a tool for driving effective results?

More reading here: https://lnkd.in/dvpyu5gN

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