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Maximizing Early AI Investments: Four Key Areas Showing Promising ROI

We are in early days of AI, here are four areas where we are seeing ROI indicators…so far.

*While these areas have great use cases, we recommend that customers should design AI systems with a ‘human in the loop’ element and also invest in an AI Governance program. These design tenets provide the guardrails for AI to ‘stay within the lane’ to ensure productivity gains while keeping your data private, secure and compliant.

Here are some use cases for these areas, for complete list please use the link in comments.

1. Customer Service

Automating routine inquiries and providing 24/7 support through chatbots and virtual assistants, companies are reducing operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. AI tools can handle up to 80% of routine questions, freeing up human agents to focus on complex issues, thus enhancing service efficiency and improving customer experience. Klarna is a great example of how a company is driving efficient customer service with OpenAI stack.

2. Product Development

AI is helping product development by analyzing vast amounts of data to identify market trends and customer preferences on one hand; and helping to build applications on the other. This is where agentic AI will have a profound impact on developer productivity so that every developer can now become a 10x developer. GitHub, Replit and others are leading the pack here.

3. Legal and Compliance

AI tools are being used to automate document review, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage risk. By leveraging AI, companies can reduce the time and cost associated with these tasks, while also minimizing the risk of human error leading to more efficient operations and a higher ROI.

4. Marketing

AI-powered marketing tools are enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns by providing personalized content and optimizing ad spend. AI can analyze customer data to deliver targeted marketing messages, predict customer behavior, and measure campaign performance in real-time; all of this with faster A/B testing of campaign messages.

By integrating AI into key areas, businesses are unlocking productivity, value and starting to achieve ROI.

What are your thoughts on driving outcomes and ROI with AI?

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