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Meetings are destroying your career, here are 5 things you can do it avoid complete destruction.

Meetings are doing something to us beyond being a drain on our time, and productivity; they are a tax on our energy and mental health.

Here are 5 methods that I’ve found to work for me to navigate meetings…

1. Be selective: not every meeting requires your participation. 

2. Use voice messages (!): if people are looking for your input on a topic, email or Slack them. Or even better, send a voice message to the group or individual. It’s more productive than typing and your voice tonality adds more texture to the message.

3. No agenda, no meeting: if there’s no agenda for the meeting, then I decline the meting. 

4. Cancel recurring meetings: most of these become obsolete after some cycles, don’t be afraid to cancel. 

5. Use walks: if you absolutely have to attend a conference call, could you turn it into a solo walk or a team walk? Be outdoors and get into a better energy flow!

What are some of your methods to navigate meetings? I’d love to know!

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