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Product Marketing as a Service

Accelerate your product's core messaging, customer targeting, value prop, and content strategy to enable sales.

Unlimited requests
Unlimited revisions
Unlimited users

Product marketing feels like always playing catch up

Complexity of the product and its messaging
Lack of clarity about ownership for product marketing activities
Insufficient details about target customer personas
Limited resources (staff, budget, tools)
Constantly evolving customer needs and preferences
Dependence on gut feel instead of data-driven decision making
Diverse content needs for different channels
Misaligned incentives between marketing, sales, and product teams
Pressure to produce results quickly
Difficult role that is often seen as a "hybrid" between marketing and product management

Introducing Product Marketing as a Service

Subscription service delivered by Product Marketing experts.

Product Marketing as a Service helps you take control of your product marketing.
Our experts will work with you to develop a clear product messaging strategy, define your ideal customer targets, and execute on a content strategy that will help you achieve your sales goals.

Target your ideal customers
Define and identify the right customers in optimal market segments
Drive customer engagement
Develop product messaging that resonates with customer buyers and users
Create product demand
Generate awareness and demand for products across multiple channels
Accelerate revenue growth
Demonstrate customer value, improve sales conversions and boost revenue growth
Introducing PMaaS subscription service

Transform your product marketing

Ideal Customer Profiles
Customer Journey Maps
Product Value Proposition
Product Growth Levers
Go To Market Plan
Content Strategy
Sales Enablement

Take control of your product marketing

We’ve been called “product marketing on steroids.”

Target the right customer segments and ideal customer profiles (ICPs)
Build core product messaging, value prop, and content strategy
Drive content marketing and sales enablement
PMaaS pricing

Serving large enterprises to startups

Three levels of subscriptions to help your product marketing



Ideal for large enterprise tech company



Ideal for Series A and beyond startup



Ideal for seed stage startup



Ideal for large enterprise tech company



Ideal for Series A and beyond startup



Ideal for seed stage startup
Customer Experience

Maintain Ideal Customer Profile(s), develop Customer Journey Maps, identify customer growth levers

Product Marketing Setup

Product description and narrative, Product Value Proposition, core Product messaging

Go To Market plan

Create and manage GTM plan inclusive of Marketing, Sales, and Services

Product Marketing Content Strategy

Create and manage content strategy for the product based on Marketing and Sales needs. Identify content strategy by segments and verticals.

Content development

Develop product marketing content including pitchdecks, product descriptions, infographics, and blog articles

Delivery times

Turnaround time for work products

2 business days
2 business days
3 business days
Product Marketing Manager

Designated Product Marketing Manager

Available as add-on
Available as add-on
Advanced Customer Experience

Customer discovery interviews, capture feedback to share with marketing, sales, product and engineering

Sales Enablement

Develop content to enable the field including value and ROI calculators, case studies, and objection handling

Industry SME access

Access to expert panel with Product Marketing Industry SMEs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PMaaS designed for product leaders or marketing leaders?
PMaaS is designed to serve product managers, marketing managers, service managers and digital leaders. Our teams work at the intersection of strategy, product, marketing and sales.
Are there specific types of product that you specialize in?
We have worked across a fairly large surface area: B2B SaaS, storage, networking, security, and AI products. With our team's broad experience, it is more than likely that we will be able to help you. Give us a call!
What's the work delivery that I can expect?
Depending on the type of work product and feedback cycle, our customers get 1 to 2 work products every week. In a given month you can expect 4-8 completed work products.
What are work products?
A work product is an independent deliverable that you can request, track, revise and sign off. Examples: Ideal Customer Profile, Customer Journey Map, Blog article, Product description, Product Boilers, Sales Pitchdeck, Objection Handling FAQ, etc.
What happens in the strategy call before I sign up?
The strategy call is to understand your needs, and explore how we can assist you. It will give you a 360 of the PMaaS service and how it will complement your team(s). We will also answer any questions you might have before making a decision.
How do I get started?
Right after you sign up, we will host an onboarding session for you and your team to walk through the setup process and get you going on product marketing success. This includes an overview of the methodology, walkthrough of the PMaaS app, and support.
How do I access the service?
After onboarding session, you will get access to our application portal where you can share information, submit new requests, track existing work efforts, comment and sign off on work products.
Can I just publish the documents that I receive from you?
The work products are near-publishing quality. However we recommend you review them before using them internally or externally for two reasons. 1) even though the quality is really high, you are closer to the product and stakeholders to fine tune the content 2) you have the most recent context and the landscape of the organization. Makes sense?
Can you use our branding and templates?
The quick answer is yes. We are happy to leverage your branding kit. For templates, we have a library of industry leading templates to use that have been improved over time. However if you'd prefer our team to use specific templates, we would be happy to.
How do you manage information security?
Absolutely, we value the trust you place in us and we ensure security and compliance as we work with you. Our team is under mutual NDA with you and we monitor compliance. All work is delivered only via the PMaaS application which has SOC 2 level compliance and has the highest banking-level security.
I want more / accelerated / different work done. Possible?
Indeed. We understand that each business is unique. Let's discuss your unique needs and explore how we can assist you.

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