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Design services and digital experiences that delight customers, deliver business outcomes and accelerate your portfolio.


Services Product Management is not an oxymoron

Services portfolio in the enterprise is a force multiplier for product revenue and customer experience (CX). Thousands of services product managers across companies in multiple industries are doing the heavy lifting that represents over $151B* annual revenue.

Our Offerings

Build next-gen services with AI-CX Advisory Services

Develop next-gen services for your portfolio by integrating artificial intelligence and workflows with your product and services stack including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Predictive Intelligence, and others.

Transform product and services portfolio with Portfolio CX Advisory Services

Leverage design thinking, customer experience, and value analytics to transform your portfolio, create better business outcomes, and accelerate your business KPIs.

7 steps to success with Services Portfolio

We are helping industry leaders to define, build, and deliver next gen services,
and transform their portfolio. At scale.

Here’s how we do it, let’s dive in.


Customer PoV

Go beyond traditional customer journey maps and voice of customer efforts to truly understand the inarticulated needs of the customer with our unique Customer Points of View methodology.


Service Design meets AI

Leverage services innovation, AI & digital capabilities, and customer insights to design next gen services.

Verticalize offerings with your own IP assets or your partner ecosystem.

Align to customer’s outcomes. Because at the end of the day, your customer is buying an outcome not just a solution.

design service offers services product manager


Agile NPI for Services

Transforming to digital business models requires an agile NPI process (New Product Introduction).

Integrate service definition work with product, sales, marketing, finance, legal, and service delivery teams to effectively create new service products.

Develop pricing, and commercial models using views like CLTV that enables you to capture value strategically while delivering a great ROI for customers.


Services Marketing and Digital GTM

Package service offers and develop services branding with compelling value proposition to drive market awareness.

Create a digital experience and GTM along with your partner ecosystem to captivate customer mindshare.

Digital experience branding and services marketing


New Service Sales Motions

Accelerate revenue by removing friction out of your service sales process.

Yes, you can run Try and Buy, Freemium, and Enterprise coverage services sales motions in addition to traditional sales.


Uplevel Service Delivery

Deliver with exceptional playbooks and ensure your service product is helping customer’s core processes.

Monitor, measure, and continually improve service delivery with automations, workflow and AI. Develop Control KPIs and triple-click on those, not just double-click.

Collaborate with customers to deliver business outcomes and help your project sponsors to succeed.


Integrate Customer Success

Integrate Customer Success with Customer Value.

Create ‘Business Value Views’ and leverage data-driven customer success to deliver business and technical outcomes, reduce churn, and secure renewals.

Execute with high-touch, and data-driven digital customer success to enable customers onboard faster, unlock multiple use cases, and expand to more areas to create value.

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