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Super Bowl 2023: Who Won Big?

It was not just Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs that won the Super Bowl, but also advertisements as well.

The Super Bowl is a showcase for the world’s biggest brands, and this year’s game was no exception.

The 19th annual Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review has named Google Pixel as the big winner with their #FixedOnPixel ad.

Other top performers included Disney, Doritos, Kia, Netflix, Squarespace, T-Mobile, and Uber.

Unfortunately, not all brands had a winning night. Rémy Martin and M&M’s received low grades from the panel.

The study found that advertisers generally played it safe, sticking with broadly appealing themes and relying on celebrity partners to make their propositions come to life.

Which were your favorite ads during this year’s Super Bowl?

Hat tip to Bhushan Shinkre for sharing Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management’s Super Bowl Advertising Review.

The Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review uses the ADPLAN framework to evaluate the strategic effectiveness of Super Bowl ads. This framework helps grade ads based on Attention, Distinction, Positioning, Linkage, Amplification, and Net Equity.

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