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Supercharge Meetings with this One Powerful Question

Supercharge Meetings with this One Powerful Question.

Ever felt like meetings are draining your energy?

Here is a game-changing question that can turn the tide!

Top-performing teams spend more time in collaborative meetings vs just ‘update’ meetings. Yep, that energy-draining update meeting could have been just an email or a Slack message.

The way to change the energy of your meeting is by asking “What did we learn?”.

This question pushes everyone to
1. Dig deeper into the meeting topics to surface real nuggets

2. Promotes a learning mindset

3. Encourages ongoing improvement,

4. Helps teams to function even better

5. Bonus: Rotate the responsibility of asking this question to empower everyone on the team. You’ll see engagement soar!

That’s how you can transform your meetings into growth engines with just one powerful question.

Have you tried this tactic or a different tactic to improve meetings? How did it affect your team’s performance?

Share your comments and experience!


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