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5 leadership traits that have won over supporters all around the world for Japan’s soccer team manager

The 5 leadership qualities that have endeared Japan’s soccer team manager Hajime Moriyasu to fans around the world.

After Japan’s narrow loss to Croatia yesterday, Japan’s manager Hajime Moriyasu thanked the crowd for their support.

Japan’s campaign in Qatar 2022 has helped establish the idea that there could be other soccer champion countries outside of Europe and South America. The World Cup has never been won by a team from outside of those two continents, nor has one even contested the final.

Hajime’s leadership is winning fans across the world, here is why

1. Courage: Japan had the hardest task after it was put in the “Group of Death” alongside former champions Germany and Spain. Yet, it did not deter Hajime. He said “To be drawn against teams that have experience of winning the World Cup is meaningful for us because we’re aiming to take on the best in the world,” 

2. Double down on strengths: “Our aim is to get to the quarterfinals, but we’ll take each game as it comes, analyzing our opponents and making use of our own strengths,” he said.

3. Laser focus on controllables like preparation and effort: “I want us to have the best preparation and give it everything we’ve got.”

4. Simplify the work: “We would like to transition better from attack to defence. Sometimes that is difficult to do when you are playing someone strong, but we would like to hold the ball as much as possible and also control the game.”

5. Using past defeats as a fuel for future victories: “I was thinking about the ‘Tragedy of Doha’ but these players are playing in a new age of Japanese football.”

The Japanese team’s approach has created fans even in rival teams.

“They showed that it is not names that are playing, but what is more important is heart and courage. They deserved this and showed their quality,” said Majer, Croatia’s midfielder.

What are your thoughts on demonstrating leadership in sports?

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