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The Future Is Now: Apple’s WWDC 2024 Featuring ‘Apple Intelligence’ and More

For Apple, AI = Apple Intelligence not Artificial Intelligence.

Apple’s much-anticipated WWDC 2024 event had its highs and lows. While the overall reaction might be mixed, these five announcements stood out. And yes, it’s 2024, and the iPad finally gets a native calculator app! 😎

1. Apple Intelligence:
What is it: A new AI system for iPhone, iPad, and Mac based on LLM and Machine Learning.
Capabilities: Text summarization, image generation, and context-aware assistance.
Enhanced Siri: Integration with ChatGPT for improved voice assistance, enabling complex queries and follow-up questions.

2. iOS 18:
Customization: New home screen and Control Center layouts, app locking with Face ID.
AI Features: Summarize emails, generate responses, create custom emojis (Genmoji), and enhance photo searches.
App Enhancements: Redesigned Photos app, new Game Mode to optimize gameplay, and RCS support in iMessage.

3. macOS Sequoia:
Continuity: iPhone mirroring on Mac for seamless interaction.
Safari: New summaries feature for web pages, Picture-in-Picture mode for videos.
AI Tools: Improved Notes with Math Notes and Smart Script for handwriting recognition.

4. iPadOS 18:
Calculator App: First native calculator app (finally!) with Math Notes for solving handwritten equations.
Floating Toolbar: Enhanced multitasking with a floating toolbar across built-in apps.
AI Features: Similar to iOS 18, with additional Apple Pencil support for note-taking.

5. visionOS 2:
Spatial Computing: Enhanced depth for photos, new gestures, and support for an ultrawide virtual Mac display.
International Expansion: Vision Pro availability in new countries, including China, Australia, and France.

Useful and Secure AI rather than Flashy AI Toys:
As Apple’s product, marketing and experience leaders shared advancements and new features across its ecosystem, focusing on AI integration and enhanced user experiences; it came off as focusing on a useful and secure AI rather than sharing the latest AI toys.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s WWDC announcements?

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