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The Number 1 Rule to Build a Great Professional Network

Uncomfortable truth: most people can’t build a great professional network.

And that is because they don’t understand the basic concept.

What’s the basic concept? Give and you shall receive.

Building a network is all about giving.

Jab, jab, jab, before land the right hook.

Most people connect to see how can they benefit from a networking relationship. That’s the worst approach.

You come off as needy, shallow, and someone to stay away from.

Instead, figure out ways to help the person you have just met.

Maybe connect this person to someone you know which might create synergies.

Maybe you send an article or document that will make this person’s life a bit easier.

Maybe share a favorite song just to liven up their day.


Give. Be of value.

Your network will build automagically. That last word is not a typo.

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