How Small Improvements Can Advance Your Career

We all want to be better and advance our career, but how do we get there?

We overestimate what we can do in one day, and we underestimate what we can get done in one year.

If we get one percent better each day for one year, we’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time we are done.

One percent may not seem like much, but over time, it adds up to significant progress.

The truth is that big improvements come from small, consistent changes.

Whether it’s in your personal life or professional life, the key is to focus on making small improvements each day.

Here are some ways that have helped me to get better each day:

1. Reading: I prefer reading non-fiction books on topics that interest me ranging from Marketing to Technology

2. Audiobooks, Podcasts or YouTube: perhaps one of the easiest ways to absorb knowledge. Added bonus is that you can learn while your exercise 🙂

3. Learn a new skill: Knowledge is free or close to free on the internet. The topic doesn’t even need to be immediately applicable to your work. The dots will connect later.

4. Organize your computer and workspace: it not only saves time but enables re-discovery of existing assets that can help your productivity.

5. Work on your passion project or hobby: never lose sight of what’s really important to you.

6. Reach out to a friend or expand your network: your network drives your net worth 🙂

7. Exercise, Meditate, Write a Journal: your physical and mental strength is a major contributor to improvement. Ignore at your own risk.

What are your thoughts on consistent, small improvements?

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