What are your thoughts on how great managers manage their teams in the face of challenges?

Great managers are able to synthesize strategy and uncertainty into clear execution.

Great managers navigate tough situations, prioritize their team’s work, and empower their team to achieve success in the face of adversity.

Here are some techniques I’ve observed of great managers:

1. Setting *clear* priorities and expectations for the team and communicating them often. I recommend using a 1 slide vision or priority message that you use in every meeting.

2. Push back on ridiculous requests by asking questions and suggesting alternatives. Cultivate a strong male cow excrement detector 🙂

3. Challenge the necessity of unnecessary meetings and cancel them if possible.

4. Proactively share communication upwards and downwards on the status, reducing political friction.

5. Create better plans with no surprises, and help employees enjoy a better work-life view.

What are your thoughts on how great managers manage their teams in the face of challenges?

Would you like to tag great managers that you have worked with?

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