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Tesla investor Ron Baron’s brilliant advice to Elon Musk

Tesla investor Ron Baron offered brilliant advice to Elon Musk.

“Your job is just to make the cars and sell them and make them better every day.

That’s all. Its a lot.

But that is under your control.

Media is not. That is the answer.

Dont let them distract you from the mission.”

He continued by making 5 key points:

1. You should not mention or think about any of your antagonists again.

2. No political contributions to anyone or any party.

3. Be unfailingly polite to everyone.

4. Communicate with employees regularly


Ron Baron's advice to Elon Musk
Ron Baron's advice to Elon Musk
Tesla advice
Tesla advice
Tesla advice

What do you think of Ron’s advice to Elon? Do you think he took it to heart? 😉

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