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Why customer service ratings are getting worse?

Across the board, customers are getting angrier. We need better CX, updated tech, and more trained associates.

– According to 2022 Customer Care Measurement survey, 74% claimed to have had an issue with a product or service in 2022. It up from 66% in 2020.

– Of those, 63% said they felt some sort of “customer rage” during attempts to resolve the issue.

– We’re also yelling at and/or raising our voices during 43% of our interactions with customer service, the survey suggests.

– Perhaps even more troubling, 17% of consumers surveyed admitted to behaving “uncivilly” toward a company.

Most of these issues are likely due to
a) Inefficient CX workflows that cause customer to go down incorrect paths
b) Outdated tech stack that requires customers to repeat themselves
c) Less number of available agents and lack of agent training

Have you experienced customer service issues recently? What your thoughts on this trend?

More reading here: https://lnkd.in/gb5ne2YG

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