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Adobe’s Genius Move: Integrating AI Innovation to Reinforce Premiere Pro Dominance

Adobe is about to pull off a gangster move with their new AI strategy.

Quick context: Adobe Premiere Pro is the world’s leading video editing tool.
But it is about to have its lunch eaten by new Generative AI video startups: Pika, OpenAI Sora, Runway and others. That’s because these Gen AI video tools are introducing a much faster way of creating videos with a lower bar of entry: anyone that can describe the video via a prompt can now create great videos.

So what does Adobe do?
Instead of head-on competing with the new Gen AI startups, it integrates them. It will now enable users to use videos and effects created by these new Gen AI models right into Premier Pro platform and user interface.
All of this is in addition to Adobe’s own innovations: Firefly AI Model, Generative AI Fill and other AI features.

What does this mean?
1. Video professionals get more value as Adobe will integrate its leading platform with new Gen AI models.
2. Gen AI video startups get access to one of the world’s largest pool of video editors who will drive up the usage of their software, helping with monetization.
3. Adobe continues to operate as the world’s leading video editing platform, cementing its place against any disruptions.

Adobe is leveraging its main advantage over competitors: a robust software ecosystem which is already extensively used by creative professionals. Integrating third-party AI models seems like a no-brainer, both for Adobe’s retention and for AI companies that want to make their tools more accessible to creative professionals who wouldn’t otherwise jump over to a separate dedicated app.

What are your thoughts on Adobe’s AI strategy?

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