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AI Use Cases In Sales AI Digital Index

Executives and Leaders are asking “How can we take advantage of ChatGPT and other AI technologies?"

AI is exciting and promising,
but hard to navigate.

Dynamic Landscape

The AI landscape is extremely fluid and it is hard to stay updated.

Fragmented Knowledge

Hard-to-find business and technology knowledge to make decisions.

Laborious Research

It is challenging and time-consuming to research AI use cases for specific areas.

Introducing: AI Digital Index

Reimagine your business with AI opportunities

100 +









Explore Transformation Opportunities With a Searchable Database

AI Digital Index enables you to explore AI opportunities in multiple dimensions.

Group, Filter, or Sort across all attributes.

Double-click into each use case.

Review expected business outcomes.

Business Functions and Capabilities

Whether you are in Sales or Supply Chain, you can Group or Filter by business areas see AI opportunities in your domain.

AI Use Cases and Tech Capabilities

Lookup multiple AI technologies and frameworks from Computer Vision to OpenAI's GPT-4.

Digital Platforms and Datasets

Lookup the enterprise platforms and datasets that will be used for AI solutions.

Business Outcomes

Search by expected business results and outcomes from AI solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Digital Index is a free, comprehensive database of AI use cases, tools, and technologies for various business functions. The goal is to help businesses identify and understand the potential of AI in their specific industries and functions, enabling them to make more informed decisions about AI implementation.

AI Digital Index is a work-in-progress database created based on client work, industry research, and generative AI. It contains use cases, datasets, platforms, tools, technologies, frameworks, models, and outcomes related to various business functions such as Sales, Marketing, Product, Services, Supply Chain, Finance, and more.

Once you are signed in, you can browse the database and search for use cases, technologies, and tools relevant to their business functions and industries.

AI Digital Index is a work-in-progress database created based on client work, industry research, and generative AI. It is continuously updated and improved based on user feedback, new developments in AI, and our own research. We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

We encourage you to provide feedback and edits to improve the database. You can submit your suggestions through the contact form on the app’s page.

AI Explorer is a free service. We offer this as a valuable resource to help leaders understand and explore the potential of AI. We also provide AI Strategy and Transformation assistance to clients. Please feel free to contact us for a conversation.

Absolutely! We value user feedback and are always looking for ways to improve AI Digital Index. If you have suggestions for additional features or improvements, please feel free to use the form on the app page to submit your request.

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