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Driverless Robotaxis Granted 24/7 Access to San Francisco Roads by Regulators

You can now ride a robotaxi in San Francisco without a driver 24×7.

In a landmark decision, California regulators have approved Cruise and Waymo to offer commercial robotaxi services across San Francisco 24/7. This move marks a significant milestone for the autonomous vehicle industry.

Are we ready for a future where robotaxis rule the roads? Let’s dive into what this means for San Francisco, the autonomous vehicle industry, and the future of urban transportation.

The Decision: The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted 3-1 in favor of Cruise and Waymo, allowing them to expand their services without limits on the number of robotaxis.

Current Services: Cruise offers driverless rides at night, while Waymo offers robotaxi service with a human safety operator. The new permit allows significant expansion.

Support and Benefits: Supporters argue that AVs could make streets safer and greener. Some believe Cruise and Waymo will bring more unionized jobs to the city.

Concerns and Opposition: Residents and city agencies have urged caution, citing instances of vehicles malfunctioning. Concerns about ADA compliance, discrimination against the unbanked, and job loss were also raised.

Company Efforts: Cruise actively campaigned for the permit expansion, taking out ads and launching a petition that amassed 2,600 signatures.

Impact on the Industry: The decision is a win for the autonomous vehicle industry, allowing Cruise and Waymo to grow exponentially, despite previous setbacks and millions of dollars in development costs.

The approval of Cruise and Waymo’s commercial robotaxi services in San Francisco is a pivotal moment in transportation.

The future of urban mobility is here, and it’s autonomous.

What are your thoughts on the expansion of robotaxi services in San Francisco?

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Data: Techcrunch

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