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Maximizing Impact: The Power of 15-Minute Meetings in Boosting Workplace Efficiency

15 minute meetings are now the fastest growing meeting category across organizations.

Employees are realizing that long meetings disrupt real work and 76% of employees believe shorter meetings are more efficient.

Fifteen-minute meetings now make up 60% of calendared gatherings, proving that executives and employees alike have grown more ruthless with their time.

I have been using 15-minute meetings to enhance focus and efficiency, here are some learnings to use these effectively.

1. Keep It Close: Invite only essential participants. Inviting too many people reduces efficiency.

2. Have Clear Agenda: Focus on specific, achievable objectives. Most long meetings could be an electronic update or a voicemail.

3. Preparation is Key: Distribute pre-reading materials. This is by far the most critical input to manage meeting objectives and time.

4. Stack Them: Schedule 15-minute meetings back-to-back for maximum efficiency. Once you get used to 15 minute meetings, you can start stacking ’em up.

5. Walk and Talk: 15 mins meetings are ideal for a walk and talk especially on the phone.

What are your thoughts on 15 minute meetings?

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Data: Microsoft’s Future of Work Report

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