Rise of ‘Quiet Cutting’: The Subtle Shift in Job Security Landscape

Quiet Cutting is replacing Quiet Quitting.

Layoffs are trending down, but that doesn’t mean jobs are safe. Companies are finding new ways to cut jobs without officially firing employees.

Welcome to the era of ‘Quiet Cutting.’

In these cases, professionals are receiving an email or a team-meeting request with a message that they aren’t fired, but the job is gone. It’s a confusing and stressful situation that many employees are finding themselves in.

Here are some details:

1. The New Normal: Companies like Adidas, Adobe, IBM, and Salesforce are reassigning employees as part of corporate restructurings. This trend is on the rise, with mentions of reassignment during company earnings calls more than tripling in a year.

2. The Employee Dilemma: Those on the receiving end of these memos are left feeling a mix of relief, dread, and confusion. Is it better to stay put and hunt internally for a better fit or leave the company altogether?

3. The Corporate Strategy: For companies, reassigning workers to new roles can be a way to fill vital jobs while trimming costs associated with old strategies. However, it can also be a tactic to prompt employees to leave on their own, avoiding the need to pay severance or unemployment benefits.

4. The Warning Signs: If a person is reassigned to a job far below their pay or skill level, or to a division rumored to be on the chopping block, it might be a signal that the company is pushing individuals out.

5. In most cases, taking the reassigned role is likely the only choice that is left for impacted employees.

‘Quiet Cutting’ is a growing trend that presents a new set of challenges for employees.

What are your thoughts on Quiet Cutting?

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Data: WSJ, TrueUp

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