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Employee Engagement: Office vs Hybrid vs Remote Work?

There is a magic number of office days for maximum employee engagement.

The relationship between office work and employee engagement is not straightforward.

According to this Gallup study, the amount of time employees spend in the office has a significant impact on their engagement levels, but this impact is not the same across all types of work.

Professionals who perform collaborative work benefit from being in the office for up to 3 days a week, as it provides them with opportunities to connect with colleagues and work together in a shared space. On the other hand, professionals involved in asynchronous work see minimal gains from being in person, as their work is not time-bound and can be done independently.

Interestingly, both collaborative and asynchronous professionals’ engagement levels start to taper off significantly when it is a 5-day week in the office.

While the office environment can promote collaboration, being in the office every day can lead to burnout and reduced productivity.

What are your thoughts on office vs remote policy? What has been working for your team?

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