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Apple’s Quiet AI Revolution: Transforming iOS and Music Behind the Scenes

Apple is making a major strategy pivot towards Generative AI.

Apple has been in silent mode on the topic of Generative AI across its product launches, earnings reports and press releases.

But the world’s largest tech company has been quietly working on Generative AI technology, here is how:

1. AI is coming to iOS: Apple has invested billions under the leadership of John Giannandrea and Craig Federighi, aiming to redefine Siri and embed AI deeper into iOS.

2. Apple’s own LLM: With their own large language model “Ajax,” they’re set to bring AI’s power to developers with tools akin to GitHub Copilot.

3. Apple Music gets AI: Apple Music might soon have auto-generated playlists, rivaling Spotify’s AI-powered ones.

4. On device and in the cloud: Apple’s AI is expected to be available on Apple’s devices as well as across it’s apps and cloud systems. Their strategic on-device AI would prioritize user privacy but coupling it with cloud processing might bring even more advanced features.

5. Internal operations: Apple is testing Generative AI for internal customer service apps within its AppleCare group, and other functions.

As Generative AI becomes a more mainstream technology, Apple realizes the urgency, investing time, money, and innovation to redefine its strategy in the AI arena.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s AI play?

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Data: Bloomberg. Visual: Dall-E 3

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