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Emotional Intelligence: A Catalyst for Workplace Productivity and Fulfillment

Many people switch to a different personality at work.

They remove all traces of human emotion and show up as efficient robots.

There is probably a good reason for this behavior: we’re often advised to leave our emotions at the office door…remove emotions from every conversation you have, every meeting you attend, and every message that you write.

Nothing could be farther than the truth.

What if I told you that suppressing emotions is keeping us from unlocking the full potential of our professional lives?

Gallup’s research reveals a staggering 68% of employees are disengaged at work. This disengagement leads to lost productivity. On the flip side, teams with high engagement are more profitable and have less turnover.

Emotions are an important human attribute. Emotions in the workplace drive passion, creativity, and a deep sense of belonging. They form the glue that binds teams together, fostering an environment of shared goals and collective achievements.

Allowing emotions in the workplace isn’t a liability; it’s an asset. It’s about cultivating a culture of authenticity, empathy, and engagement.

The future of work isn’t about being emotionless, it’s about being emotionally intelligent.

What are your thoughts about value of emotions in the workplace?

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Data: Gallup

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