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FeedForward: Elevating Leadership and Performance for a Brighter Future

‘FeedForward’ is the new feedback.

Feedback has always been the cornerstone of leadership and performance management. It is how leaders guide their teams, aligning performance with organizational goals.

But what if there’s a more dynamic, forward-focused approach?

Enter: FeedForward.

While feedback often dwells on past actions, FeedForward is all about the future. It’s about envisioning opportunities, not dissecting past mistakes. It’s proactive, not reactive.

FeedForward has some advantages over feedback:

1. Future-Focused: We can’t change the past, but we can shape the future. FeedForward fosters a vision of success.

2. Positive & Productive: It’s about solutions, not problems. It’s constructive, not critical.

3. Universal: Whether you’re a newbie or a top executive, FeedForward applies. It’s about growth, not hierarchy.

4. Efficient: No debates, no defenses. Just actionable insights.
Inclusive: It’s not about who’s right or wrong. It’s about collective progress.

5. Strengthening Organizational Communication:
Quality communication is the lifeblood of successful organizations. FeedForward enhances this, fostering a culture where everyone looks ahead with optimism and purpose.

In essence, while feedback has its place, FeedForward offers a fresh, positive perspective. It’s not just about correcting course; it’s about charting a new one.

What are your thoughts about FeedForward?

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Data: WSJ

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