Tesla’s partnerships with Ford and GM includes a secret trojan horse strategy

Tesla has a secret ‘trojan horse’ strategy embedded within its partnerships with Ford and GM.

Over the last few weeks, Ford and GM announced partnerships where owners of their electric vehicles will be able to use Tesla Superchargers starting next year.

It is great for Ford and GM electric vehicle owners who will get a more reliable charging system and won’t have range anxiety.

This is great news for Tesla as their Superchargers will be become the accepted US standard for EV charging. And it will also bring in incremental revenue.

But here is the strategy that unlocks even more value for Tesla: vehicle owners will have have to use Tesla app to charge their cars.

The Tesla app has many more features than just charging the car. Once users are in the app, they can also book test drives and also put down a small depost to buy a new Tesla car.

Just the usage of the Tesla app can drive (no pun intended) users to consider buying a Tesla or at least taking it for a test ride.

On a related note, Tesla hasn’t spent a dime on advertising chargers or it’s cars. In fact, the total ad spent by Tesla in comparison to other car makers is worth taking a look:

Lincoln: $1,812
Lexus: $956
Cadillac: $864
Genesis: $682
Buick: $675
Maserati: $77
Mitsubishi: $43
Mini: $22
Alfa Romeo: $21
Tesla: $0

What are your thoughts on Tesla’s strategy?

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Source: Ad Age

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