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Humane™ AI Pin: A $699 Game-Changer in Wearable Tech

Will Humane™‘s AI Pin change the way we use smartphones and AI? Or will it go the way of Microsoft Zune, Amazon Fire, Google Glass etc.

It certainly seems interesting, and it might lead to ‘ambient AI’ i.e. AI everywhere.

AI Pin isn’t just a gadget—it’s AI worn on your chest.

It has been five years and $240 million in development, with backing from tech titans like Marc Benioff.

It is a $699 wearable device reimagining personal tech.

The device is used by hand gestures that enables hands-free searches, photography, translations, and projects an interface onto your palm.

Currently it supports OpenAI and Microsoft AI models, with more to follow.

Launching at $699 with a $24 monthly service via T-Mobile, it is set to start shipping in early 2024, it’s the forerunner in wearable AI devices.

The Ai Pin promises to keep you present, not distracted.

Could you see yourself trading in your smartphone for Humane’s Ai Pin? What does this shift mean for the future of our digital lives?

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