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Productivity hacks do not work. Instead, here are 5 practical ways to increase productivity.

Bad news: the so-called productivity hacks have never worked for me. Good news: what has worked for me in the long run is having a healthy lifestyle…and here are 5 things that have helped me.

Productivity hacks promise to help you do more in less time, but the truth is, they’re just band-aid solutions. 

The real key to high productivity is a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, healthy eating, good sleep, and time off….specifically:

1. Taking long walks and sometimes taking work meetings on walks 🙂

2. Weight training at least once a week. Thanks to my awesome trainer guru Cody Miller. You rock brother!

3. Better diet and zero alcohol intake policy (it has been more than 3 years!)

4. Improving sleep quality by meditating before sleeping

5. Taking time off frequently…even if it is half a day off

These elements have helped with mental and physical well-being, giving me the energy and focus to help our customers at Spearhead.

What has worked for your productivity?

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