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Our Shifting Views on Career, Money, and Health in an AI and Digital World

How our views have changed about career, money, and health.

Yesterday: Breakfast is the best meal of the day.
Today: Skip breakfast. Focus on intermittent fasting.

Yesterday: Save every penny painfully until retirement. Enjoy your retirement after 60.
Today: Take small retirement breaks in between career phases. Or go fat FIRE or lean FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early).

Yesterday: Stick to your comfort zone. Avoid risks.
Today: Get outside your comfort zone. Learn. Taking no risk is the biggest risk.

Yesterday: Don’t talk to strangers. 
Today: Get in a stranger’s car with Uber app.

Yesterday: Find a good job at a nice company. Retire.
Today: Re-invent yourself every 3 years. Even it means moving to another job. Or moving to another company. Or moving to another geography.

Yesterday: Specialize in one field for success.
Today: Embrace interdisciplinary skills for innovation.

Yesterday: Avoid failure at all costs.
Today: Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.

Yesterday: Avoid conflicts. Be nice. Maintain harmony.
Today: Embrace healthy conflict for growth and innovation.

Yesterday: Follow a scheduled and strict plan for life.
Today: Embrace uncertainty and live in the present moment.

Yesterday: Sacrifice your mental and physical health to make just that bit more money.
Today: Prioritize your mental and physical health over money. Over everything.

What are your thoughts?
Any examples that you’d like to add to this list?

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