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The Vision for ‘X’ app, Twitter’s Potential Trillion-Dollar Turnaround

“I’ve been obsessed with killing the bird logo since the day I first walked into Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters”.

That quote is from Walter Isaacson’s upcoming book that will be published on Sept 12th. Isaacson spent almost three years with Musk — sometimes for 12-hour stretches, day after day. It seems that Musk has been plotting the X rebranding for more than nine months — since before signing the paperwork to buy Twitter.

“He said it can be a trillion-dollar company — easily,” Isaacson said. “This is an idea he has thought about for 25 years — a financial platform that helps anyone profit from creating content.”

“He feels it can transform journalism by offering an alternative to subscription models, where people can just make easy payments for whatever strikes their fancy.”

Musk’s vision for Twitter, now rebranded as ‘X’, is to transform it into an ‘everything app’. This means integrating a variety of services – all into one platform. This concept, inspired by China’s WeChat, aims to make the app an integral part of daily life.

It could be the integrative app that includes:

– The text-based social networking of Twitter
– The blogging and subscription services of Substack
– The video platform capabilities of YouTube
– The payments and monetization features of PayPal
– The shopping experience of Amazon
– The short-form video and endless video scrolling of TikTok
– The gaming experience from Ninetndo

Can X achieve this level of app integration and succeed with customers? No one knows.

But it is hard to doubt one of the greatest innovators of our times who has disrupted large scale industries ranging from finance, automobiles, to space.

What are your thoughts about X?

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Sources: Axios, NBC, and X, the artist formerly known as Twitter.

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