Threads by Meta is now the fastest app to have 100 Million Users

Move over ChatGPT, the fastest growing app in history is now Threads from Meta.

Threads achieved the milestone of 100 million monthly active users in just 5 days, outpacing OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot, which reached 100 million monthly users in nearly two months.

Is it pure organic growth of 100M users? Well, you need an Instagram account to login. So Meta is using it’s existing install base to fuel user growth, so it can’t be termed as pure organic growth.

Despite that, Threads’ growth rate is remarkable, considering it is missing several key features: post search, hashtags, DMs, and others.

Could this be the end of Twitter? Multiple text based social media platforms could co-exist and address different parts of the market.

Threads could be a text based social media platform for personal news, social trends, and fashion. While it’s rival Twitter could be the place for politics, business, and tech.

What are your thoughts on Threads? Are you using it?

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