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Microsoft’s ChatGPT investment will change the way work gets done in the enterprise

Microsoft announced today that it is adding OpenAI’s ChatGPT to it’s Azure cloud services. In fact, most Microsoft products will have AI capabilities in the near future.

This changes work as we know it. 

Here is how it will affect the way you and I work.

Why is Microsoft + OpenAI such a big deal?

OpenAI capabilities are now being integrated into Microsoft products, starting with integration of ChatGPT API in Azure.

According to Satya “Every product of Microsoft will have some of the same AI capabilities to completely transform the product”.

Let’s take a look at how Microsoft products are evolving. 

1. Leveling Up Azure 

The Azure OpenAI service will now include a number of AI models made by OpenAI including GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL-E.

Businesses and developers can utilize these systems in their own apps and workloads. 

Microsoft is scaling up GPT-3.5 with Azure’s cloud management and data handling capabilities.

2. Empowering Developers with Github Copilot

OpenAI helps Microsoft to power GitHub Copilot, a service that suggests lines of code to developers inside their code editor for less bugs, more accuracy, and higher productivity.

3. Accelerating Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI will use GPT-3 natural language models to generate formulae and expressions for data querying and reporting.

4. Enabling Designer Creativity

Microsoft Designer app will use DALL-E 2 to generate art from textual prompts to help designers scale their creativity and productivity

5. Binging on Search

Microsoft is integrating ChatGPT into Bing search queries to provide more human-like answers rather than just search results 

6. AI is your new Office assistant 

Microsoft is integrating OpenAI technology into its Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook apps. 

Imagine chatbot AI assistants for composing emails, writing formulae, autocompleting documents, generating images for slides, auto spell corrections, retrieving data from email history…

And much more.

Expect Microsoft to completely change the world of work in 2023 and beyond.

What are your thoughts on how ChatGP, Microsoft, or generally about how AI will change the world of work?

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