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The Magnificent Seven: Life imitates art or art imitates life?
What are company insiders doing during an AI-fuled stock market rally? Are they buying more stock or are they selling?
In just 4 days, Apple’s High Yield Savings Account drew nearly $1B in deposits.So now, Apple is also...a bank.
What a week it was! Though we dodged a bullet with SVB, it seems that the greatest hits from banks just keeps comingLast year, I was thinking that we were in a stock market crisis due to inflation and Fed's monetary tightening.I was wrong.
Tesla investor Ron Baron offered brilliant advice to Elon Musk. "Your job is just to make the cars and sell them and make them better every day. That's all. Its a lot.
Data points to a confirmed recession. But this is a different one: white-collar recession.
To understand strategy, one has to cut through a ton of information clutter to get to real nuggets.

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